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Before the introduction of the wireless charging phone holder,most mounts were just for navigation.

This article introduces a product that combines wireless charging and a phone holder, and shows you how to use it.

What is wireless charging phone holder ?

A smart car wireless charger phone holder stand combines the features of a stand and a wireless charger. It lets you charge your phone wirelessly while keeping it upright for easy access.

phone holder wireless charger

Wireless charging is a novel method that utilizes electromagnetic induction to charge devices without the need for physical connections. Compared to traditional wired charging, it offers numerous advantages and innovations.

Firstly, it eliminates the limitations and tangling of charging cables. Users no longer need to plug and unplug charging cables to connect their phones to chargers. Instead, they simply place their phones on the charger, making charging more convenient and the process cleaner and tidier.

The principle of wireless charging

Wireless charging operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction, transferring electrical energy from one place to another, enabling charging without the need for physical connections.

Wireless charging systems typically consist of two main parts: the transmitter (or sender) and the receiver (or receiver).

Transmitter (Sender)Consists of an electromagnetic coil or antenna powered by an external power source.
 Generates an alternating current when powered on, creating a changing electromagnetic field.
 Propagates the changing electromagnetic field in space, inducing a current in the receiver coil.
ReceiverContains an electromagnetic coil or antenna to capture the transmitter’s electromagnetic field.
(Receiver)Produces a current when the electromagnetic field interacts with the receiver coil.
 Utilizes the generated current to charge the battery or device on the receiver side.
Power TransmissionAchieves wireless charging through electromagnetic induction, transferring energy from the
 transmitter to the receiver.
 Typically, the closer the distance between transmitter and receiver, the higher the efficiency
 of energy transmission, with efficiency decreasing as distance increases.
wireless charging

Basic Functions of a Wireless Charging Phone Holder

Wireless charging:Using wireless technology to charge compatible phones without the need for cables. Typically uses the Qi standard, fitting most phones that support wireless charging.

Stand function: Provides a stable structure to hold your phone at various angles, allowing you to use it while charging. Ideal for watching videos, video calls, or using navigation.

Fast charging: Supports quick charging to deliver high power in a short time, reducing charging duration and increasing efficiency.

Universal design: Fits various phone sizes and brands. Some stands can also adjust in size and angle to meet different needs.

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Advantages of wireless charging phone holder

As you can see when comparing common holders we buy online, the biggest difference is the support for wireless charging. This amazing design allows you to use the navigator and charge your phone at the same time.

Of course, there are some other reasons. Here are a few listed for you:

  • Convenience:Say goodbye to cable hassles.
  • Multifunctionality: Combines charging and support.
  • Stylish Design: Enhances your quality of life.

How to choose a suitable car holder wireless charging

When talking about phone holders with chargers for cars, we are 100% confident you can find a good one for your device. But how do you choose a suitable holder for your car?

It’s important not to miss the suggestions below.

Charging Speed and Efficiency: Not all wireless chargers are created equal. Check the maximum output power (like 5W, 7.5W, 10W, 15W, etc.) to ensure it charges your phone quickly. Fast charging is a lifesaver for those who are always on their phones.

Stand Stability and Compatibility: The stability of the stand is crucial for a good experience. Make sure the design is solid and can hold your phone steady. Compatibility is also key—look for a stand that fits different phone sizes and brands, and ideally, one that can charge through a case.

Design and Appearance: A wireless charging phone holder isn’t just a functional tool; it’s also part of your car’s decor.

When choosing one, consider if the design matches your car’s interior. You want it to look good while doing its job.

Other Features: Now, here’s where it gets even cooler. Some wireless charging phone holders come with extras like built-in cooling fans, non-slip bases, and adjustable angles. These nifty features make using your phone holder even more convenient and comfortable.

Brand and Quality: Let’s not forget about brand and quality. Picking a well-known brand usually means better customer service and product guarantees.

Plus, checking out user reviews and expert evaluations can help you make a smarter choice.


n the market, many well-known brands offer various models and price ranges of wireless charging phone mount for car

Here are some popular brands and their top models, along with a comparison of their features and prices:


  • Model: Anker PowerWave II Stand
  • Features: Supports 10W fast charging, compatible with most wireless charging phones. Non-slip design, sturdy and durable.
  • Price: Mid-range


  • Model: Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand
  • Features: Supports 10W fast charging, simple design, highly compatible with various phone models.
  • Price: Mid to high-end


  • Model: Samsung Wireless Charger Stand 15W
  • Features: Supports 15W super fast charging, built-in cooling fan for temperature control during charging.
  • Price: Mid to high-end


  • Model: CHOETECH Wireless Charger Stand
  • Features: Supports 7.5W and 10W fast charging, affordable, sturdy design, ideal for budget-conscious users.
  • Price: Low-end


  • Model: Mophie Wireless Charging Stand+
  • Features: Supports 15W fast charging, stylish design, adjustable angle, suitable for office and home use.
  • Price: High-end

Comparison of Different Price Ranges and Features

Low-end (50 – 150 yuan)

  • Brands: CHOETECH, RAVPower
  • Features: Basic wireless charging, supports 7.5W or 10W fast charging. Simple design, perfect for budget users.
  • Pros: Affordable, basic features, great for first-time wireless charging users.

Mid-range (150 – 300 yuan)

  • Brands: Anker, Belkin
  • Features: Supports 10W fast charging, more stable design, good compatibility. Usually includes non-slip design and basic temperature protection.
  • Pros: High cost-performance ratio, ideal for users seeking quality and performance.

High-end (300 yuan and above)

  • Brands: Samsung, Mophie
  • Features: Supports 15W super fast charging, advanced cooling system, adjustable angle, and extra features like built-in fan. Premium design.
  • Pros: Fast charging, rich features, perfect for users with high demands on charging speed and design.

In short, when choosing a wireless charging phone holder, consider your budget and what features you value most.

Happy shopping!


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