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Jingnan Electronic is Mobile Phones Accessories partner as an one full-customized services supplier. We are located in the consumer electronic manufacturer center of China , DongGuan City. We can find all components easily in here. That’s why we have competitive price and quick action for products. We are consisting of creative on product, our goal is to make easier to choose any products of our company, the best project plan will be offering based on your unique request . USB Cable, Bluetooth Earphones, Chargers etc, because we have very strong executive power.



< 2H average response time

96.3% on-time delivery rate

  • Minor customization
  • Sample-based customization
  • Finished product inspection
  • Raw-material traceability identification
  • Full customization
  • Private mold
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We provide high-quality products and thoughtful services to the world, whether it is retail or distribution. We will provide the most suitable solutions and products according to your requirements.

Eco friendly

With the changing climate and environment, we are gradually realizing the importance of environmental protection and advocating the use of environmentally friendly materials to protect our planet. Caring for the earth is something that every one of us should be concerned about and make changes for.

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Factory Information

We will treat and respond to every inquiry and request from customers 100%. In order for you to receive the most perfect product, every product detail and production process will be inspected many times

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