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2024 New Product Launch

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Multifunction USB Cable Storage Set

Support Android,iphone , Type C Multiple Devices Charging , best product in travel and office.

PD 100W USB C TO C Nylon Cable

Support 20V 5A 100W Fast Charging for your mobile phone and laptop

3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable

Strong magnetic connector, auto connect when to close to your charging jack.

Flat USB Cable

Soft TPE Jelly Cable With Two Color Injection Flat USB Cable 

Type C To Lightning Cable

Quick Charging PD 27W Max Type C to Type C Cable 

USB C To Wireless Charger

High Quality Wireless Charger, Zinc Alloy Housing Material Design

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From the selection of raw materials to entering the warehouse, from the processing of semi-finished products to the completion of finished products, every process will be strictly screened and controlled

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Apple Watch Charger
usb to c type cable adapter
100W Type C to Type C Cable

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